People are your most valuable resource. Don't waste them.

People are the lifeblood of your business. There are things only human beings can do.  Things like nurturing customer relationships, formulating strategy, managing a team, making judgements. This is where your people add value to your business.

Don’t waste their time on work that can be automated.

Informed decisions give improved profits

Empower your people to make the right decision at the right time.  Timely and accurate information keeps you ahead of the competition.  Dapper Data works with you to enhance your business through Business Intelligence, identifying opportunities to reduce your costs and increase your profit.

Choose technology which supports your business strategy

Choosing the right system is vital to achieving success.  Avoid being saddled with a system which limits you.  Dapper Data can cut through the complexity and make Information Technology work for you.  When it is done right, technology gets out of the way and simply saves you time to focus on your core business.

Grow your business while controlling your fixed costs

Our start point is the commercial realities you face.  We listen, understand your business, and identify opportunities to  simplify and automate processes so you can do more with less.  Then you can focus on growing volumes, without worrying about recruitment.

Get a competitive advantage

Dapper Data gives your business a genuine edge.  By combining commercial understanding and technical knowledge we deliver real improvements with a rapid return on investment.

Business Intelligence

Empower your team with the right information at the right time, to make well-informed decisions for reduced costs, and increased revenues.

Process Automation

Free up time to focus on your core business, giving you increased productivity and scope for growth without increased labour costs.

Systems Integration

Your systems and those of your trading partners can work together efficiently, without manual human intervention.

Data Analysis

Insightful analysis across a broad range of domains, delivering clear results to ensure you succeed.

System Implementation

Delivering the nuts and bolts of IT to save money, reduce risk, and make your business agile enough to respond when opportunity knocks.


Do more with less.  Your team can work smarter, with increased productivity, allowing you to avoid additional recruitment costs.

Targett Business Technology



“Will is an incredibly flexible consultant able to support operational and technology assignments. Working as an associate, Will enables us to flex our resourcing and provide consultancy services that really helps us make a difference to our customers. With us Will has worked on: systems evaluations, configuration of virtual environments, implementation of open source contract management solutions and supporting the procurement of IT Services partner.

A great part of working with Will is his work ethic and his natural ability to work with customers and gain their trust. We look forward to working with Will again.”

Paul Targett, Targett Business Technology



“Providing our customers with accurate information on outstanding sales orders can be a time consuming process. Dapper Data wrote a system for us which automatically notifies the customer when their goods will be delivered.  This improved the buying experience for our customers, and made our operation more efficient.

Will quickly gained an understanding of our requirements, and our existing systems.  He is easy to work with, and delivered a quality solution which will no doubt give a swift return on investment.”

Nick Weston, Prism



Glastonbury Marketing

“Will has proved invaluable in enabling us to deploy an enterprise-grade, fully load-balanced global website for Fujitsu. His knowledge of the LAMP stack, as well as confidence in working over SSH via the command line ensured the project was delivered swiftly and securely with minimal client involvement.

Will answered the challenge of enabling high availability (for up to 30,000 users) through a combination of MySQL replication and file replication across two highly secure and synchronised zones.

We look forward to bringing Will in on future projects where we need his unique mix of deep technical knowledge and problem-solving skills.”

Marc Price, Glastonbury Marketing


Mossy Office

“It is not very often that you find an individual who has excellent technical knowledge and know how combined with an excellent head for business.

Will has a unique ability to understand detailed business problems and provide a technical solution and implementation that delivers immediate business benefits.

Will is most defiantly a hybrid ‘techie’ who I would highly recommend to any business.”

Chris Moss, Mossy Office


Sprung Suspension Workshop Ltd



“Radical, thanks! … Super stoked with this, going to make life so much easier!”

Jake Ireland, Sprung Suspension Workshop Ltd




Vincent Cassidy




“Will was a senior member of my IT team during my role as the IT Director at office2office plc. Fantastically hard working, dedicated, innovative, and an extremely well respected team member; Will was key to the department utilising technology to bring quantifiable business benefit.

An example of this was in the integration of two operational business systems following the office2office acquisition of Accord. Will identified the opportunity to reduce significant manual processing, unnecessary distribution, and procurement costs through the electronic automation of messaging between the systems. The project was managed by Will and the implementation was a huge success; bringing visibility, collaboration, and bottom line benefit.

I would certainly recommend Will.”

Vincent Cassidy


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