Business Intelligence

Good decisions based on accurate information

Business Intelligence boils down to ensuring that the right people have the right information at the right time. This means that your team can make timely and informed decisions based on an accurate understanding of the situation. These decisions then give improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased revenues. It sounds simple, and with the right systems in place it can be. However, in many businesses getting to an informed decision can be far from simple.

Often there are multiple systems which data needs to be pulled from. This data can be in an unhelpful format, and require a lot of manipulation before it is usable. It then needs to be merged with data from other sources, and further work done on it before the real calculations can be performed. These calculations can be laborious, then the results need to be presented in a way which transforms just a mass of numbers into meaningful information to base a decision on.

All of this is time-consuming, so more often than not the decisions end up being based on out-of-date information, resulting in missed opportunities and inefficiencies. Not only that, but your most valuable resources are tied up manipulating data in spreadsheets, rather than focussing on adding real value to your business.

Sounds familiar? Dapper Data can help.

We will listen, gain an understanding of your business, and implement a solution tailored to your situation. You can benefit from having the information you need when you need it through:


  • A dashboard overview allowing you to understand the state of your business at a glance
  • A suite of alerts, automatically notifying you when key measures of your business hit specific values
  • Fully automated Management Information reports delivered in real-time to your decision makers
  • Tools empowering your people to get the answers they need on-demand, without time-consuming manual analysis

Dapper Data will deliver real improvements with a rapid return on investment.

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