System Implementation

Resilient, scalable and secure IT infrastructure

Choosing the right technology means having systems which support your business strategy, rather than limit it. Dapper Data can implement systems to reduce your costs, increase your efficiency, and make your business agile enough to respond when opportunity knocks.


Getting the nuts and bolts of IT right can deliver improved cash flow by transforming lumpy capital expenditure to regular and incremental operational expenditure.  Your business can be resilient should the worst happen, with improved business continuity and reduced risk.

Our start point is the commercial realities you face

We will deliver real improvements with a rapid return on investment, using technologies such as:


  • Virtual desktops to enable you and your team to work from anywhere.
  • Voice over IP and unified messaging to allow people at multiple locations to work as a single team and communications costs to be reduced.
  • Hosted systems that give location independence, enabling rapid business expansion to new markets, and ease of office migration, while enhancing business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Divestment of on-site hardware which saves money, reduces risk, and improves cash flow.

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