Systems Integration

Automatic exchange of information between software systems

You may have staff keying in information received by telephone or email. Perhaps you have people entering data manually into multiple systems within your business. Maybe you missed out on that big contract because the tender said your systems must talk to theirs, or perhaps you won it but the margins are being eroded by all the manual work-arounds required. Your team might be spending a lot of time keeping your stock control system in agreement with your ecommerce platform and financial records.


Free up your people to focus on driving your business forward by making your systems exchange information automatically, both internally and with your trading partners.

Win more business and retain it for longer by making trading with you easy, whatever system your customer uses. Integrating with their purchasing system makes for a very ‘sticky’ customer relationship: why should they change, when dealing with you is so easy?

Wouldn't it be great if information just moved between your systems and those of your customers and suppliers without human intervention? Dapper Data can deliver this.

Dapper Data can implement a solution which allows separate systems to work together efficiently.

Then you can free up resource to focus on growing your business, and increase your volumes without increasing your labour costs.

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